Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Order Your Team Cupcakes Now!

Check these out! Cupcakes for all your favorite teams! Chocolate butterscotch chip cupcakes with creamy vanilla frosting and team logos or helmet art in in fondant and colored sugar. Order for the next big game day! (Prices and details below. More teams available - email for more details).

New Orleans: A shimmering gold fondant fleur-de-lis set on vanilla frosting dipped in black sugar ($2.30/cupcake, one dozen minimum order)

Dallas: The familiar star logo on a gray background ($2.25/cupcake, one dozen minimum order)

Minnesota - vibrant purple frosting with fondant decor ($2.25/cupcake, minimum order of one dozen)

New York - The blue NY logo with a bright red sugar rim ($2.30/cupcake, one dozen minimum order)

Indy - A blue horseshoe on a white fondant disk with a blue sugar rim ($2.30/cupcake, one dozen minimum order)

St. Louis - Dark blue frosting with a golden ram horn in fondant ($2.25/cupcake, minimum order one dozen)

Tennesee- Blue frosting, white T, red stars ($2.30/cupcake, minimum order one dozen)

Miami - Aqua frosting, orange sugar and the big D. Go Fins! ($2.30/cupcake, minimum order one dozen)

KC - A white fondant arrowhead on red frosting with a black sugar rim ($2.25/cupcake, one dozen minimum order)

Chicago - blue frosting, orange logo ($2.25/cupcake, one dozen minimum order)

Cinncinnati - Black sugar embellished tiger stripes on an orange fondant disk with a black sugar rim ($2.30/cupcake, one dozen minimum order)

Jacksonville: Black sugar coated jaguar stripes with metallic gold edging on teal frosting ($2.30/cupcake, one dozen minimum order)

And don't forget, we're still accepting entries in our 2008 Holiday Contest - email your flavor ideas to for the chance to win some great prizes. Click here to see the rules and entering details.