Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Last chance to order for Halloween!

First, you have one more day to vote for me in the Iron Cupcake: Earth challenge. Please help me out by clicking on this link and voting for Red Velvet Armadillo! Thanks to all my readers and customers for your help!

Next up, tomorrow at noon is your last chance to order cupcakes for Halloween.

Check out these delicious Caramel Apple Cupcakes. Moist and delicious apple cake dipped in creamy vanilla caramel and decorated with halloween non-pareils or chocolate drizzle. ($2.25/cupcake; one dozen minimum order).

For the kids, here's something fun. A Make Your Own Cupcake Party. Red Velvet Armadillo will provide plain cupcakes in the flavor of your choice, different colored frosting and all the necessary cupake decorations. Email me at for a quote.