Sunday, July 13, 2008

Antipas Tray

I always like to serve a little something pre-meal when we have guests. It's great to have a light appetizer with which to relax when people arrive so we're not rushing around cooking immediately. Normally, I do a bruschetta or spinach dip, but since we were going to be having wine, I felt this platter was better suited. And best of all? No cooking required.

From top left working around the tray: garlic hummus, blue cheese stuffed olives, roasted red pepper, garlic stuffed olives, parmesan reggiano, fresh mozzarella. I served it all with crispy flatbread (not shown) and it was delicious!


DanaDow said...

I would like this tray, a rainy day & an 80's movie marathon all together. And the vino.